Fundraising 101


1) New York City: March 2 & 3, 2019 -10-3pm ET Register Now

Fundraising 101 is a 6-class course that takes students through both strategy and mechanics for raising venture capital for your start up. Both the art, and the science, led by someone who’s done it. Syllabus below! Students have the option to attend in person, OR by video conference


Once you are registered for a course, you can attend this course as many times as you like. So if you have to miss a class or two, or want to refresh, you can check the calendar and hop back in with us, in person or by video conference, anytime! Calendar for 2019 is being built out now, thank you for your patience.


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Intro to the Basics

  • Purpose of the Course

  • Professor Introduction

  • Key Resources

  • The Cap Table

  • The Players

  • The Sequencing

  • The Basics: Convertible Debt, SAFE, Equity, Venture Debt, Traditional Debt

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Alternatives to traditional fundraising

  • Quick Refresh: Session 1

  • Business Grants

  • Product Crowdfunding

  • Pre Order Campaigns

  • Equity Crowdfunding

  • Hitting The Fundraising Trail: Some Golden Rules

  • Pitch Process & Materials

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seed stage fundraising 

  • Quick Refresh: Session 2

  • Convertible Debt: Key Terms & Conversion Mechanics

  • SAFEs: Key Terms

  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages: Equity, Convertible Debt, SAFEs

  • Pre-Closing: Legal Diligence & The Data Room

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Series A Stage Fundraising

  • Quick Refresh: Session 3

  • Stock Option Pools

  • Convertible Preferred Shares: Key Terms – Economics

  • Convertible Preffered Shares: Key Terms - Control

  • Venture Debt: Key Terms

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selecting investors & Negotiation tactics

  • How VC Firms Work

  • Strategic Investors: Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

  • Strategic Investors: Industry Angels

  • Negotiation Tactics

  • Selecting Investors

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managing investor relationships & The exit

  • Now You’re a Money Manager

  • Investor Relations: Best Practices

  • The Exit: Acquisitions & IPO