Angels 101

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Angels 101

Both the art & the science, led by someone who’s done it.

Angels 101 teaches you how to create opportunity for yourself to invest in companies you believe in, even if the amount you have to invest is small.

This is a 6-part course that takes you through the formation of your investment thesis, strategy on how to get into a deal even with a small amount to invest, what to expect on Seed and Series A deal mechanics, and how your exits will work.

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Session 1

Intro to the basics

  • Course Purpose
  • Glossary of Key Concepts
  • Why Invest in Private Co.’s?
  • Angel Mindset
  • Sources of Private Deals
  • Venture Sequencing
  • Key Venture Players
  • Key Investment Resources

Session 2

Investment thesis & deal sourcing

  • Quick Refresh: Session 1
  • Investment Thesis Development
  • Entrepreneur’s View: Raising $$
  • Deal Sourcing #1: Personal Search
  • Deal Sourcing #2 : Crowdfunding
  • Intro: SAFEs, Notes, Convertible Preferred Shares

Session 3

Due diligence & how VCS work

  • Quick Refresh: Session 2
  • Pitch Deck Evaluation
  • The Data Room
  • Business Diligence Checklist
  • Legal Diligence Checklist
  • How VC Firms Work
  • Strategic Investors: CVC’s & Industry Angel

Session 4

Seed stage deals

  • Quick Refresh: Session 3
  • Convertible Debt: Key Terms & Conversion Mechanics
  • SAFEs: Key Terms & Mechanics
  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages: Equity, Convertible Debt, SAFEs
  • Series A Pro Forma Cap Table Calcs

Session 5

Series a stage deals

  • Quick Refresh: Session 4
  • Convertible Preferred Shares: Key Terms – Economics
  • Convertible Prefered Shares: Key Terms – Control
  • Series A Pro Forma Calcs
  • Venture Debt: Key Terms

Session 6

Investment monitoring & the exit

  • Quick Refresh: Session 5
  • Negotiating For Equity as an Employee or Consultant
  • Investment Monitoring & Support
  • Exit: Acquisitions & IPO
  • Pop-Quiz

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