angels 101

The SEC in the U.S. has indicated its intention to lift the accredited investor rules so that everyone may have a chance to invest in their favourite private company, and I expect the Canadian regulator will eventually follow suit. In preparation for the change, Angels 101 is a course that will take students through the basics of investing in private companies as an angel investor, and what to expect regarding dilution, disclosure, rights to participate in future rounds and exiting your investment. Syllabus to follow! Students have the option to attend in person, or by video conference. 


Once you are registered for a course, you can attend this course as many times as you like. So if you have to miss a class or two, or want to refresh, you can check the calendar and hop back in with us, in person or by video conference, anytime! Calendar for 2019 is being built out now, thank you for your patience.


1) Next Class - TBD


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Intro to the Basics

  • Course Purpose

  • Glossary of Key Concepts

  • Why Invest in Private Co.’s?

  • Angel Mindset

  • Sources of Private Deals

  • Venture Sequencing

  • Key Venture Players

  • Key Investment Resources

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Investment Thesis & deal sourcing

 •Quick Refresh: Session 1

•Investment Thesis Development

• Entrepreneur’s View: Raising $$

• Deal Sourcing #1: Personal Search

•Deal Sourcing #2 : Crowdfunding

•Intro: SAFEs, Notes, Convertible Preferred Shares

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due diligence & how VCs Work

  • Quick Refresh: Session 2 

  • Pitch Deck Evaluation

  • The Data Room

  • Business Diligence Checklist

  • Legal Diligence Checklist

  • How VC Firms Work

  • Strategic Investors: CVC’s & Industry Angel

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seed stage deals

  • Quick Refresh: Session 3

  • Convertible Debt: Key Terms & Conversion Mechanics

  • SAFEs: Key Terms & Mechanics

  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages: Equity, Convertible Debt, SAFEs

  • Series A Pro Forma Cap Table Calcs

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Series a stage deals

  • Quick Refresh: Session 4

  • Convertible Preferred Shares: Key Terms – Economics

  • Convertible Preffered Shares: Key Terms - Control

  • Series A Pro Forma Calcs

  • Venture Debt: Key Terms

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Investment Monitoring & The Exit

  • Quick Refresh: Session 5

  • Negotiating For Equity as an Employee or Consultant

  • Investment Monitoring & Support

  • Exit: Acquisitions & IPO

  • Pop-Quiz