My investments include seed and series a stage investments in companies with core values that inspire the world. I work with investee companies, extending my expertise and networks in retail, venture capital, and law to support their growth.

Native shoes

Keep it Lite! Enlitening lives and spreading good vibes throughout the land, Native Shoes is a beast-free footwear company making shoes with love, not animals. 


Established as a B Corp, Cotopaxi’s purpose is to alleviate global poverty through financing opportunities in education, healthcare and livelihood for those people and communities most in need. Cotopaxi takes 2% of their total revenues to support these causes.

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You are a company with:

  • Core values that inspire the world

  • Innovative, functional, high-quality products

  • Experienced, motivated and coachable team members

  • a large market with growing demand drivers

  • an ability to scale with strong projected revenue growth

  • Healthy product margins

  • Operational excellence