Learn more about Class Rebel & its founder Brooke Harley.

Meet Brooke

Your Guide to Success

With Class Rebel’s courses, you’ll learn the art and science of raising money and early stage investing by a seasoned professional.

Before launching Class Rebel, Brooke Harley founded Campfire Capital in 2014. The venture capital fund raised $32 million USD from 50 consumer industry founders, CEOs, and executives and went on to invest in many other early-stage brands. She has evaluated hundreds of private investments, and completed 5.

Prior to Campfire Capital, Brooke worked as lululemon athletica’s Head of Business Development and International Operations, and prior to lululemon was an M&A attorney.

Brooke’s investments and clients include Seed and Series A stage investments in companies with strong core values that help inspire and change the world. She’s drawn to investee companies, extending her expertise and networks in retail, venture capital, and law to support their growth.

About Class Rebel

Founded in 2017, Class Rebel is an education company dedicated to leveling the playing field by teaching how to successfully raise venture capital, and how to invest in early stage companies.

While deploying capital from her first venture capital fund, Brooke Harley noticed that entrepreneurs from Ivy League colleges had been groomed and educated to raise money, and that entrepreneurs without that education were at a distinct disadvantage, and most angel investors fit the same background profile. Fundraising 101 and its counterpart, Angels 101, were launched to incite a small rebellion by teaching this lucrative financial education to anyone that wants to learn.


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