About Brooke

Founded in 2017, Class Rebel is an education company dedicated to sharing insights into private investing in the early stage consumer industry, raising money for early stage companies, and angel investing.

While deploying capital from her first VC fund, Campfire Capital, she noticed that entrepreneurs from Harvard, Stanford and Wharton had been specifically groomed and educated to raise money and that entrepreneurs without this education were at a real disadvantage. Fundraising 101 is meant to incite a small rebellion by opening up this education to everyone who wants to learn.

With the US Securities Commission recently stating its intention to open up private investing from just the 1% to everyone, Brooke launched Angels 101 to teach angel investing to anyone that wants to learn.

In 2014 Brooke founded Campfire Capital, raising US$32m from 50 industry founders, CEOs and executives to invest in early stage brands. She has evaluated hundreds of private investments and completed 5 investments.

Prior to Campfire, Brooke worked as lululemon athletica's Director of Business Development and International Operations, and prior to lululemon Brooke practiced as an M&A attorney.