Fundraising 101

Learn the art & the science of successfully raising a round of venture capital for your business,

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Class Rebel is a modern education company, teaching anyone who wants to learn about:

Venture CapitalFundraising 101

This course will teach you how to navigate your Seed and Series A financing rounds while keeping as much equity and control in your hands as possible.

Learn to Raise a Round

Angel InvestingAngels 101

This course will teach you how to crack open the door to investing in emerging companies you truly believe in.

Learn to Invest Early Stage
With a little education, Class Rebel aims to level the playing field. Learning how to raise money, and how to invest in private companies, is not just for folks from the Ivy Leagues. This education is for everyone who wants to learn.

Meet Brooke

She’s got you,

Through Brooke’s classes you’ll learn both the art and science of raising money and early stage investing, led by someone who’s done it.

Before launching Class Rebel, Brooke Harley founded a venture fund in 2014, raising $32m from 50 consumer industry founders, CEOs and executives for investment in early stage brands. She has evaluated hundreds of private investments.

Prior to her fund, Brooke worked as lululemon athletica’s head of Business Development and International Operations, and prior to lululemon Brooke worked as an M&A attorney.

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Our easy step-by-step courses have helped founders successfully secure their funding.

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